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Practical guidelines (2023 update)

Download the IWGDF Practical Guidelines below, and read about the authors. This document will be updated as part of the 2027 IWGDF Guidelines. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF+Practical+Guidelines&color=danger& […]

Prevention guideline (2023 update)

Download the 2023 IWGDF Prevention guideline from the link below. This guideline will be updated in 2027. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF+Prevention+Guideline&color=warning& }} The supplemental information can be […]

Classification guideline (2023 update)

Download the 2023 IWGDF guideline on classification of diabetes-related foot ulcers with the button below. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF+Classification+Guideline&color=sandy-brown& }} Download the supplemental information here. FacebookTwitterLinkedin IWGDF […]

IWGDF/IDSA Infection guideline (2023 update)

Download the IWGDF/IDSA Guideline on infection via the link below. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF%2FIDSA+Infection+Guideline&color=success& }} FacebookTwitterLinkedin Members of the Infection Working Group Prof. Dr. Eric SennevilleSpecialist in […]

Intersocietal PAD guideline (2023 update)

The Intersocietal 2023 PAD Guidelines are a unique collaboration between the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF), the European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS), […]

Offloading guideline (2023 update)

Download the 2023 IWGDF Offloading guideline from the link below. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF+Offloading+Guideline&color=primary& }} Download the offloading supplemental material here. FacebookTwitterLinkedin Members of the Offloading Working […]

Wound healing interventions guideline (2023 update)

Download the 2023 IWGDF Guideline on wound healing interventions via the link below. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF+Wound+Healing+Guideline&color=violet& }} Download the wound healing supplemental information here. FacebookTwitterLinkedin Members […]

Charcot’s neuro-osteo-arthropathy (2023 update)

New in 2023 will be a chapter on Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Charcot's Neuro-osteo-arthropathy. Please download via the button below. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+IWGDF+Charcot+Guidelines+here&color=violet& […]

Development and Methodology IWGDF 2023 update

Please download the document describing the Development and Methodology of the 2023 IWGDF Guidelines via the link below, and read about the IWGDF Editorial Board members. […]

Definitions & criteria (2023 update)

Several disciplines are involved in the management of diabetic foot disease and having a common vocabulary is essential for clear communication. Thus, based on a review […]