Prof. Dr. Maarit Venermo

Vascular surgeon

Helsinki University Hospital, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Professor Venermo is head of the department of vascular surgery at Helsinki University Hospital. Her research concerns registry studies aiming to evaluate the quality of vascular surgical service as well as international variation in practice; Critical limb ischemia, evaluation of perfusion in chronic limb ischemia, angiosome consept in clti; Epidemiology and natural history of aortoiliac aneurysms; Natural history of the patients with peripheral arterial disease, the predictive value of ABI and toe pressure, influence of antithrombotic agents and statins to the prognosis; Aortic graft infections and mycotic aneurysms, treatment, pathogens, infection resistence of different graft materials.

Professor Venermo has served as chair or member on the board of various societies, such as the European Society for Vascular Surgery and the International Consortium for Vascular Registeries.