Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Gentofte, Denmark

Podiatrist Anne Rasmussen is the daily team leader of the Foot Clinic at Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen (SDCC), Gentofte, Denmark. With an interest in both prevention and treatment of the diabetic foot, she has been working in this field for more than 30 years.
In 2006 she finished master’s degree in Anthropology of Health. From 2008 until now Anne has been the clinical specialist in the Foot Clinic at SDCC, setting ambitious clinical goals for clinical quality; prevention of first foot ulcer, no amputations and a quick healing times for diabetic foot ulcers. Research, development and improvement in the Foot Clinic at SDCC, are with a high focus for her, and always with the patient in mind. She has worked purposefully with the registration of clinical foot data, and is chair for the Steno Centre DK foot group with a goal of uniform registration in DK. Anne have co-authored the international guidelines for the prevention of foot ulcers in the high-risk patients 2015 and 2019 and have been involved in the national guidelines on the diabetic foot since 2010.
Together with the multidisciplinary team at SDCC, she has presented data from the Foot Clinic both nationally and internationally for the past 12 years. Anne Rasmussen is also a part of SDCC Education department where she gives lecture and performs workshops on the diabetic foot, for other health care providers nationally and internationally. She has been a part of the steering group for the development of the first continuing diabetes education in DK for podiatrist from the primary sector.