Prof. Nicolaas C. Schaper


Dept. Internal Medicine, Div. Endocrinology, Maastricht University Hospital, the Netherlands.

Nicolaas Schaper is emeritus professor Endocrinology at the Maastricht University Hospital and was the coordinator of its multidisciplinary diabetic foot team. He is still involved in research, focussed on the pathophysiological, clinical and epidemiological aspects of (lower extremity) complications of diabetes and related chronic diseases. Nicolaas was coordinator of the European diabetic foot research consortium Eurodiale. He is Chair of the ISDF 2023, is Chair of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot, member of two its Working Groups, and was also involved in several other (international) guidelines. He is author of > 320 international scientific papers (H-index > 60), was a co-founder of the Maastricht Study, a large scale in depth epidemiological study on diabetes and related diseases, and recipient of several (inter)national awards.