Prof. Nicolaas C. Schaper


Dept. Internal Medicine, Div. Endocrinology, Maastricht University Hospital, the Netherlands.

Nicolaas Schaper is since several decades closely involved in the diabetic foot. His research is focused on diabetic complications, in particular amputation prevention, management of foot ulcers, pathogenesis of foot lesions, peripheral arterial disease, neuropathy and the negative effects of sedentary behavior. Nicolaas Schaper was the founder and coordinator of the European diabetic foot research consortium Eurodiale. As its scientific secretary, he was one of the founders of the IWGDF, was publisher of its guidelines; since 2015 he is the chair of the IWGDF Guidance and the chair of the International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot (ISDF). He was also involved in several other (inter)national guidelines on diabetes and its complications. He is the author of more 220 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and is recipient of several prestigious national and international awards.