Clinical researcher

King’s College, London, UK

Nina Petrova is a clinical researcher in the Diabetic Foot Clinic at King’s College Hospital and an Adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer at King’s College London. She recently was awarded her PhD from King’s College London.

Her research is focused on the Charcot foot. She has initiated, led and managed 12 academic and clinical research projects including a NIHR Invention for Innovation Grant (product development award), five Diabetes UK grants (three academic research project grants, one early career small grant and one randomised controlled phase IV clinical trial), and two Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation grants (one clinical fellowship and one clinical academic research grant).

The Diabetic Foot Clinic at King’s is internationally renowned for the clinical management and investigation of the Charcot foot and Nina has been a critical component of that effort, and has added an additional dimension of research into mechanisms and therapies.