Women in Science Joanne Paton Lecturer in Podiatry Joanne Paton in her clinic at Mount Gould

Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist

Plymouth University, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Dr Paton has extensive clinical experience as a Musculoskeletal Specialist and Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist. Her current clinical focus is improving the patient experience through the better delivery of insoles for diabetic foot protection.

Dr Paton is the MSc Podiatry Programme lead and is a past NIHR research fellow and clinical academic and now leads the BEUP (Balance Enhancement and Ulcer Prevention) research team at Plymouth University. Her team of six multidisciplinary researchers range from Professor through to intern and from a range of clinical and non clinical backgrounds. She is well known for her work on insoles for ulcer prevention in diabetes. One area of particular interest to understand behaviour, to improve foot self care for diabetic foot ulcer prevention.