Professor of Podiatry

University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia

Dr Vivienne Chuter is a Professor of Podiatry at the University of Newcastle. She leads a clinically based research program focussing on prevention and management of diabetes related foot disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and in non-Indigenous Australians. Developed as a living lab model encompassing clinical, research and education elements, Vivienne’s research focuses on macro and microvascular complications of diabetes, including improving diagnosis of peripheral artery disease through more targeted clinical testing, as well as reducing risk of foot complications through conservative therapy and physical activity interventions.

Committed to improving health and well-being for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people Vivienne provides academic leadership to co-designed, community-led diabetes-related foot complications prevention and management research embedded in the Podiatry program at the University of Newcastle. This includes research relating to development and implementation of culturally safe care provision and strategies to develop cultural capability in new graduate practitioners.