Dr. Sicco A. Bus

Human movement scientist

Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dr. Sicco Bus is a human movement scientist and works as an associate professor, principle investigator, and as head of the Human Performance Laboratory at Academic Medical Center (AMC), department of rehabilitation, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He also works as senior researcher at the Hospital group Twente in Almelo (secondment). Sicco completed his doctoral dissertation on the structural and functional aspects of the neuropathic diabetic foot. In his current work at the AMC in Amsterdam, Sicco divides his time with leading the Human Performance Laboratory and initiating, coordinating, and supervising research, mostly on lower-extremity biomechanics and injury prevention in diabetes and neuromuscular populations. Sicco is member of the editorial board and chair of both the Prevention and Offloading working groups of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot. Sicco is chair of the study group of Neurovascular Complications of Diabetes in the Netherlands, and he is member of the board of the Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute.